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eyeglasses in gold

frame no 426
eyeglasses frame no 426, 9 karat gold
Frame opus no: 426
Design type: half-rim, with fascia and subframe

Sometimes along comes a custom job that makes me sit up and get extra accurate.
This customer request was for a replica of a discontinued factory-made titanium half-rim frame,
and I realised this was to be a frame made to exacting dimensions.

I wanted the customer to understand I was legally prevented to make a replica,
but that I'd make a frame using my standard technology that looked like the original
and that fitted just as well.

Note that I hadn't met the customer, nor am I likely to during the making of the frame.

I chose 9 karat gold for its colour, strength and relative light-weight compared to other
gold alloys, and after several weeks of trial runs, metal gauge tests, and choosing a suitable
method and procedure, I produced a sterling silver frame no 425, and this gold frame, number 426.

frame no 400, 14k
Schubert in gold, subtitled 'Piano Nobile'.

eyeglasses in silver

eyeglasses frame no 421, stg sil
eyeglasses frame no 422, stg sil
An opus number is given to each frame as I build them, and so is unique to a frame. (frame no 422 construction details) Custom frames based on these designs, or indeed on other designs, may be commissioned from me. The process takes up to 8 weeks, depending of the complexity of the design.

Looking Glasses

frame no 418, 2006
Frame no 418 was custom-built (above) for a customer with very particular optical requirements. My Looking Glasses design, as my most plain and functional, was quite easily adapted. A second frame, no 420 (below), was also commissioned to the exact same specifications.

Endorsement from the owner of 418 and 420:
My 'seeing eyeglass', incorporating the proven features of my previous frames and the insight of my optometrist, evolved from the 'Looking Glasses' - a custom frame in Brian's early collection. The design features small discs centric to my pupils. The result is lenses free of peripheral distortion, despite my severe myopia and astigmatism.
The perfectly round discs also permit lens rotation to accommodate minor cornel changes that recur from time to time. The vague sense of disorientation and dull headaches that have been a problem since giving up my contact lenses have vanished.


frame no 398, sterling
Schubert in silver. Oval eyeshapes, with a slight upward tilt, fabricated in sterling silver or karat gold.



frame no 361
Tonto wraparound sunglasses in sterling silver may be fitted with some prescription lenses.

Some of these frames are available immediately. Frames based on these designs may be commissioned.
Read some endorsements from my customers.
Contact me if the idea of silver or gold spectacles interests you.


Commissioned to the specifications of an existing frame.

frame no 402
to the specifications of a vintage frame.

frame no 419
9 karat replica frame commissioned to the specs of a vintage 70s frame.

frame no 415

stg silver replica frame commissioned to replicate an existing frame. Silver eyeglasses for prescription lenses made to specifications, based on my Schubert design and the image the customer sent.


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