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a little something from me is going into the 2021 Fingers Group Show later this year

Chrysoprase is a translucent chalcedony (source Australia) often found with touches of its brown matrix. Set with pure silver bezel with sterling base and ring shank (all silver NZ source).

Bubbles, Kandinskies, Bubbles

During Lockdown in New Zealand (March 30 to April 27) we were all to stay home and keep to our bubbles. Luckily our studio is at home too, so these are some of the things I made. Niobium earrings, torch-blackened and anodised, silver bits attached.

Burst Bubbles

Lockdown Niobium earrings, beaten and burst from behind, anodised, and with silver bits.


Art Festival Exhibition
and similar at Fingers Jewellery, Auckland
possibly also at Te Uru, Titirangi


Annual Group Exhibition
at Quoil in September, 2016


Annual Group Exhibition
at Fingers Contemporary Jewellery
from November 16th, 2015.

Wundermeke Exhibition at Fingers
July 18th to August 17th.

For this show Fingers Jewellery invited each of its artists to submit three pieces to complement their work at the Auckland Art Gallery's Wunderruma exhibition. The theme behind Wundermeke is that the artist chooses work that best represents their practice.

My contribution to this show:

Gold eyeglasses, 14k

Afghan Remnants
finger rings, lapis lazuli

Tree Trunk rings
finger rings, sterling silver

'Wunderruma' at Auckland Art Gallery an exhibition of New Zealand Jewellery curated by Warwick Freeman and Karl Fritch

22k ring
22k ring commission

Paua and silver pendant
Haliotis iris, New Zealand paua shell

Tree Trunk Rings are my unique wood-fired silver rings. I melt up the metal and pour molten silver into a prepared hole in a tree trunk. don't try this at home...

[ more]

Chrysoprase ring and the stone it came from.


bush jewellery tuition

Architecture and Jewellery

It seems that the the human body and human scale are central to both architecture and jewellery. A student of architecture at Auckland University visited me and asked if I would be a collaborator for her design thesis.
It sounded extremely interesting.

From the Abstract:
This design thesis looks at connections between jewellery and architecture. It culminates with the design of an artist-in-residence building on a steep slope in the Titirangi bush. The metaphor of the body as landscape and the brooch as dwelling underpins the thesis.

Jewellery and architecture disciplines were explored showing that both have links through the use of similar words and language.

Both disciplines underwent a history of incorporating similar aesthetic aspects.

Making-jewellery-as-research for the architectural design is discussed in two parts; the first informs the final design and the second focuses on making jewellery to convey architectural information about the building.

This thesis finds that the disciplines of jewellery and architecture incorporate similar histories, theories and aesthetics during the modernist movement and that relationships with the human body are of profound importance in both.

"Buildings are worn rather than simply occupied"
Mark Wigley, architectural historian

A complex relationship of 'wearing' can connect both jewellery and architecture.

Pieces of silver cast from 3D printouts of the final design, a 'building on a steep slope'. They await assembly.

more images ...


Maria arrived with a strong desire to begin learning how to make jewellery. She started individual tuition with custom sessions here at Bush Jewellery Studio. It became a comprehensive study of jewellery-making skills and materials.

Visit Maria P

bush jewellery studio

BUSH JEWELLERY STUDIO is a private jewellery school for individual tuition and group workshops, part of a functioning jewellery studio. Ancient and modern processes and materials with some practical bench tricks. Tuition ranges from weekly sessions to multi-day intensives including ACC vocational training. Content is all about what you want, and sessions are timetabled for you. Weekend workshops are occasionally organised for kids, jewellers, artists and other adults, sometimes with a guest tutor. I have a practical approach to jewellery making, somewhat off the beaten track, with a bit of curious thinking. Kids 7 - 17 come here to make silver rings and earrings ... and daggers, because when boys get in the studio they make stuff.

Registered ACC Vendor.

Registered ACC VENDOR.
Vocational Training is available through custom tuition at Bush Jewellery Studio. The workshop is wheelchair friendly and is equipped for a variety of standard and alternative processes that are practical, simple, lateral, and effective. You'll get to learn ancient low-tech jewellery techniques plus some modern soft-tech tricks.
If you're interested in providing yourself with a kick-start to a change of career, or want to boost your practice with advanced bench tips and tricks, please call and arrange a visit to meet me and see the studio.
Choose what you do with help from some of my regular teaching modules.



This acetate frame was made by a student from USA and made in a very fast and intensive workshop, a series of days at Bush Jewellery. He was accommodated in the self-contained room above the studio.
The material used was Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate sheet, black and tortoise, and we used hand technology to saw, shape, heat-form, fit CR39 plano lenses and rivet on hinges.

More photos ...


GEM on a RING Kids Workshop.
Make a silver ring and set a 5mm gemstone onto the ring. This is a chance to make a really interesting piece of jewellery.
Ages 8 to 17.
Monday 28th September
Time: 5hrs, 10am to 3.30pm
$50 per person plus $10 materials.


GEM on a RING Kids Workshop.
Make a silver ring and set a 5mm gemstone onto the ring.
Ages 8 to 17.
Friday 9th October
Time: 5hrs, 10am to 3.30pm
$50 per person plus $10 materials.


SILVER RING Workshop for Kids.
Make a silver ring decorated with your designs and symbols and textures.
Ages 7 to 17.
Wed 7th October
Time: 4hrs, 10.30am to 2pm
$40 per person plus $5 materials.
Max no of 6 (minimum 4).


Vocational training through ACC


SPRING 2014 schedule for ADULTS and Children.

October 2014
School Jewellery-making class in which 11 students made themselves a silver ring in 2 hours!

a class mug shot.
Venue: Takapuna Normal Intermediate
Takapuna, AUCKLAND

soldering the joint in a ring.
Actually it's brazing as it's done at 730degC

Thank you again Miss Batley!!

September 2013
An introduction to jewellery-making in which each student made themselves a ready-to-wear silver ring - in 2 hours!
Students: 10
Venue: Takapuna Normal Intermediate
Takapuna, AUCKLAND

hammering a ring to size

the rings in a ring

Thank you Miss Batley

One Saturday in August 2013

Sand casting

Delft sand casting is a simple and quick way to turn out precious metal gravity castings. In 15 minutes you could have made the sand mold, melted the metal and made the casting.
The first Saturday of the month is a day in the Bush Jewellery studio to cover jewellery-making processes in detail.

One Saturday in June 2013

General projects

a day in the Bush Jewellery studio to cover jewellery-making processes in detail. Sometimes the day will have a particular technical focus, other times it'll be an open day when you can get help on your own projects and demonstrations are done according to requests.

The Quarry Do 2013

3-day workshop
January, 2013
Venue: Quarry Arts Centre
Whangarei, New Zealand

One day Jewellery
Sat Sept 8, 2012
Sat Oct 27, 2012
A day in the jewellery studio. Cover techniques and processes in more detail and try to deal with as many of the particular issues each of you are keen to tackle. From useful tool-making to one-off mixed gold creations.

More information here

Birkenhead College
On Tuesday 26th September 2011 eleven very keen young people made a silver ring in 3 hours.
Processes used during experimentation and designing and skill levels required:
Hammer and punch work to chosen designs.
Texturing or decorating on metal.
Rounding the strip metal to a ring-shape.
Joint preparation, visually checking.
Silver soldering the joint ('brazing').
Surface: matt, satin, or high-polish.
The outdoor classroom
(click here for the 4MB class image)

Diocesan School for Girls On Friday 17th June 2011 eighteen keen young people made a silver setting for their glass designs.
I showed quite a bit of materials technology: the practical differences between work-hardened and annealed metal was demonstrated using copper, pure silver and sterling silver, shoowing their particular annealing temp. Liquidus of all metals used discussed, including of the silver solders. Flux action is described as is the usefulness of the various stages the flux goes through.
soldering the bezel join:
it's a two person job:
checking the bezel fit:

The students made a fine silver bezel (with H solder for the join) and soldered it onto a sterling base (M solder), and some added a finding for a bail (E solder). They went on to finish their pieces in class under the expert tutelage of their Technology teachers [pictures to come].

Wedding Ring Experience

A marrying couple walked into the studio the other day... started with strips of sterling silver and with the help of a few tips and tricks made their own wedding rings.

"[We] had an amazing experience with Brian making our wedding rings. We both loved the idea of making something ourselves and to make this an experience of both learning and sharing.


Wedding Ring Experience

"I give you this ring, which I have made for you, wear it as a symbol of my love and of all we share ... " Thank you very much for this unbelievable experience you have made possible!


Custom Tuition

Custom tuition allows you to make the things that interest you, to learn the processes that will be useful to you, at a timetable that suits your pace.


Saturday Jewellery
April 2010

a group wkshop of 6 keen people.


Hen Party Pendant
Sat 6th Feb 2010

Several young women arrived here and made a silver pendant for the bride-to-be.


Methven Summer School
Wed Jan 13 - Fri Jan 15 2010

3-day wkshop
'Make unique jewellery from rings to necklaces. Simple ways to make shapes will be demonstrated. You will be encouraged to experiment with your ideas and enjoy the surprises. You'll have the opportunity to make up to three items with the materials provided.'


Hokitika Weekend Jewellery

January 16/17 Sat/Sun

Jewellery for Boys (ring, mini-knife, shield) and Jewellery for Girls (ring, pendant, etc)...

Ring-making mini-workshops. If you're shacked up with someone special, come along both of you and work on similar (or different) ring designs.

Lo-tech Silver Casting. Sand casting in pewter or bronze or silver.

Mr Gwaliasi


Boys jewellery

Dangerous jewellery for boys ... in fact they also made pea-shooters, slingshots, a wooden box with a sloping entrance (huh?) ...
They just wanted to use the tools in the workshop, and I encouraged them.


Autumn Intensive Corban Estate Arts Centre
Jewellery from rings to necklaces. Simple ways to make shapes and low-tech casting methods will be demonstrated. We also cover advanced and creative soldering, ring making, and interesting textures and finishes.
Weekend 16/17 May 09

Turning Points, Aug 08

Ring-making was a feature of day 2
Turning Point Trust in Tauranga is a mental health recovery centre offering a range of positive activities and vocational services for people living with mental illness. I was very pleased to be asked to help set up a working jewellery facility in their existing creative areas.
[... more]

ERUPT Lake Taupo Festival
May 2008

a family and their doctor were some of the 50-plus people who made jewellery at the Taupo Museum.
Brian brought jewellery to the people with short sharp 'Street Jewellery' workshops at ERUPT. The emphasis was on spontaneity and people made a silver ring in an hour. All ages.

some recent scholars

Isabella's ring (age 10)

Carolina's earrings (age 11)

Felicity's ring

Wild Creations - Children's Jewellery Workshop

... tricks with thin copper sheet like hammering textures, punching designs, folding it up, cutting it [... more]

Weekend Jewellery Workshop

Sat/Sun July 7/8 2007
Thanks to all of you who came on this energetic class! [... more piccies]

18th April 2007
Silver ring and a pendant in a day ...

15-19 January 2007
Recent photos:
Corbans 2007 Summer School

Wanaka Autumn Art School April '06

Street Jewellery sessions
last held: Sat April 29 2006

Gallery 33, Wanaka

Ring-making Jewellery Workshop
ages 8 to 108!

Recent photos:
Lost Wax Casting

Whakatane Jan'06
modelling wax and things

Recent photos:

Whakatane Jan'06
1hr rings

Corbans Arts Centre
'the Ring' 12 Nov'05
Silver ring and a pendant in a day ...
[... more]
soft technology

'soft-tech' in this context is about hand making processes that are small scale, relatively inexpensive, and localized.
More kids jewellery.
Make a silver ring in a day -
pictures from this 1-day workshop ...

[ Spring: Sept 05 ...]

[ Winter: July 05 ...]

Jewellery for kids 2005
Make a silver ring in a day
and some fold-formed earrings.
1-day workshops for ages 9 - 16

[ Summer: Jan 05 ...]

Corbans Arts Centre
”... jewellery-making workshop at Bush studio ...”

[... more]
Christchurch ArtsCentre
”A fun and informative silver jewellery-making workshop...”
[... more]
'Bush Jewellery' classes The studio workshop is equipped for a variety of alternative and standard processes. You'll get practical tuition and learn to use tools in simple, effective and lateral-thinking ways ...
[... more]
'Jewellery for Schools' Seemingly, high school students love the idea of making a silver ring in class and will often co-operate and work hard as a group to do so. The classes will also be fascinating for many as it manages to demystify the jewellery process which is often presented and perceived as being complicated, expensive and quite inaccessible ...
Elim Christian School, Auckland
[... more]

Royal Jewellery Gallery ... Nov 2003
[ more ... ]
I teach here in New Zealand ... according to demand, and I have in the past regularly travelled overseas in June, July or August to take part in teaching programs at universities and jewellery/metals guilds in Australia, USA, or Canada.
[ more]
'Street Jewellery' A lot of people want to have a go at making jewellery, but they don't manage to get along to the classes. Well this is a session where in 1 hour! you can make a silver ring...
[ more]
'Bush Jewellery'
As a teacher i believe in practical simplicity, lateral thinking, creative tool use, and learning with fun. I will aim to deliver lessons at your level so that i can add to your current understanding and skills and you more successfully move up levels. I teach intensive workshops (generally on a subject), private tuition series on a custom timetable, jewellery undergraduates on workshop experience, and a nightclass. For the custom series we can plan a timetable based on what will suit your needs...Contact me and ask when the workshops are planned, or talk about a private tuition series to suit you...

[ more]


I'm a jeweller who also makes eyewear , that is, from absurd optical mixed media curiosities to functional prescription eyeglasses. They can be one of the most interesting and humorous areas of body adornment.

From November 2014

Leather reading glasses, CR39 close-up lenses.
CAD-drawn, hand-sawn, burnished leather.
Minor variations in frame size and shape are possible. They clip to your nose, feel light, and tuck away nicely when you're finished reading. Based on those shown13th century etchings.

frame no 426, 9 karat gold
bespoke eyeglasses

Leather job

Here's a vintage frame that needed the leather sides replaced. It's a fairly simple 48mm disc sunglass frame but there were these inserts that held the leather sides in place.
Silver tube rivets attach the leather to specially made sterling holders.

flashback to 1981

Here's a historical survey of my earliest eyewear pieces. They go wa-a-y back to 1981 ...
no 1
'Paua Sunglasses' frame no 1

(see above) coconut roughs
'Coconut Roughs' frame no 178

'Ferns' frame no 281

Frame no 422 April 2008

Custom frames
Commissioned by a local Auckland er, guitarist.

frame no 420

'Looking Glasses'
Number two silver eyeglasses for the customer who has no 418.
[endorsement ...]

frame no 419

Custom frame, 9k gold
Fabricated from 9k gold eyeglass frames to your specifications. The design will conform to your stated specifications ...


'Looking Glasses'
Sterling silver eyeglass frames, as discussed. Final design to conform to your stated specifications and follow advice from your optometrist with regard to frame PD ... [more ...]


... The design will need to work in serious global corporate environments and on a mussel farm in the Sounds .....


2.5mm mokume gane (layers of silver, shakudo, shibuichi) of at least 207mm x 47mm [material supplied by customer].

412 and 413

kinky series


aviator replica (methodology)

custom made spectacles, sunglasses and other eyewear from precious metal. standard silver alloy is sterling (925) silver, in gold 14 karat. the age-old malleable and workability qualities of gold and silver make it a useful spectacle material in that it allows for frame adjustments over the long term. the metal will withstand a greater amount of bending and other distortion than any other metal used in making spectacle frames ...

prescription eyeglasses made to your specifications
[more ...]

eyewear owner: James, Missouri, USA.
Buying on the internet is always a worry for me. With you, however, I was very comfortable for many reasons ... overall I think it went very well considering that we are half a world apart!
custom frame:
no 402 sterling silver

sterling silver sunglasses or eyeglasses for prescription lenses. This actual frame (no 398) has an eyeshape of 32.5mm x 40mm ovals...
[ more]

Eyewear history tells us that utility and frivolity in eyeglasses has always existed together. I'm no exception. I make plain eyeglasses plus I've a fondness for depicting an enjoyment of myopia and its attendant foibles.
[ more]

The spectacles that brian made for me are surprisingly comfortable, in spite of being quite solidly built. I think balance has a lot to do with that. I love the way they look on me ... It feels good to wear something that is beautiful and beautifully crafted. When i took the frames to my optometrist to have lenses put in, he commented over and over about how well the frames were made. I'm very happy with their quality and proud to wear a design that is unique and elegant...
[ more]

strong>eyewear care
i recommend you treat your silver spectacles like you treat other finely crafted jewellery. perhaps think of your them as functioning works of custom-designed art rather than as another utilitarian personal appliance... [ more]

'Piano Nobile'
14 karat gold eyeglasses for prescription lenses. Frame no 400, oval eye shapes, 44mm x 37mm...
[ more]

'eye strainers'
hand made eyewear artworks, stainless steel auto parts...
[ more]

How important is the optical lens in all this_ The historian of optics might prove that frames are the servant of the glass lenses, an invention that some say occurred around 1280. They might say that without a lenses, the frame is pointless. I see things differently. I look at what came from china where they had another type of eyewear which had no optical qualities at all - with stone lenses. true vision blockers - sight restrictors for meditation. Worn to encourage introspection...
[ more]



I work alongside Ruth Baird in a studio workshop we built ourselves behind our house. We are in a beautiful part of Titirangi 20 minutes from Auckland city surrounded by kowhai, kanuka bush, mamaku tree ferns, cabbage trees, and mixed border Waitakere City reserve land. Hence Bush Jewellery studio...

Brian ...


a view from the studio [more...]

Time now in Auckland:


curriculum vitæ/resumé
1998: '100 New Zealand Craft
Artists', Helen Schamroth.
1996: 'Spectacles', Samuele Mazza.
1995: Auckland Museum, New Zealand
1994: I. Isad-Pana, The Optician, USA
1989-93: G. Gherardi, l.a. eyeworks, USA
1984: D. O'Neill, Auckland, New Zealand
1982: Dowse Art Museum, New Zealand

[ more ...]


Records of my earliest eyewear date
back to a jewellery exhibition when
I first thought of applying my
then-young jewellery ideas to
making spectacles.
I got an old spectacle frame
and messed around ...


'Digitalis', frame no 55, 1983 [ more ...]

As a student of Brian Adam's
workshop, I am pleased to endorse
Brian Adam and his spectacle maklng
course. Brian brings jewellery
expertise, experience. knowledge,
and enthusiasm to his students.
Brian's method of teaching is
effective and equally constructive
the novice, amateur or
professional, regardless of
previous training. The mechanics of
eyewear is explained and
demonstrated using basic jewellery
tools and practises. The age old
problem of securing lenses to a
frame is solved in his classroom

Anyone interested in the creative
challenge of using eyewear for
their own personal expression will
benefit from Brian's instruction.
Mel Rapp B-Sc. Optician ...
[ more] -

Brian, the glasses have been a
great success - they have proved to
be a sort of litmus test - the
cogniscenti respond with
enthusiasm, the grey suits look
troubled - couldn't ask for more!
Custom frame no 365 sterling
silver, Nov 1997...
[ more]
endorsement from Wales
I've been wearing 'sputniks' for a couple of years now, absolutely love them ! Any other earings seem to stay in the box ...
[ more]
Middle earth: it's so New Zealand.

Travel down new zealand's skinny
antipodean islands and it is the
way the farm hills undulate along
the long backdrop of sky that is so
striking. that crisp line between
green and blue helps visitors and
kiwis alike slough off memories of
grimier climes... [ more ]
[ lotr ... ]
[ NZ info]
[ NZ map]

Mario Cesari, My workshops range from one to several days, practically on demand, depending on what (and when) one wants to learn. We just need to agree upon a date when both are free, and we can explore a specific topic
Robin the Hammer, Works at Goldsmith to the Gods, and plays guitar, sings in The Five Points Band
Valentin Yotkov, Instructor in Silversmithing, Chasing and Repousse at Owner, Valentin Yotkov Studio
Maureen Brusa Zappellini, Owner/Designer/Metalsmith at Cosmo's moon
Kenneth Peter Scott, Owner/Tutor at Florence Jewelry Making Courses
Il Maestro Acquafresca, Teacher of Chasing and Repousse
Deb Stoner, small artist at large
Alternet: Alan Pittman, Eugene Weekly. in 'America's new war' the first U.S. casualty may be the first amendment... Andrew Goss ... Artmetal ... Dazzle ... emanuela aureli: I make jewelry to recollect the physical, to claim the body as self-reference. I like bare surfaces, simple lines that give space shape, bold touches of color that outline the simplest detail. objects to touch, feel, hold, to wear on the body as intimate play objects. ... Fingers Contemporary Jewellery is a co-operative retail outlet for New Zealand contemporary jewellery [est. 1974] ... New Zealand Skeptics ... the Orchid's jewelry creations gallery ... Peter Rowe ... Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, San Francisco ... Ruth Baird - jeweller ... Tips from the jeweler's bench a collection of articles, publications, tips and data relating to various aspects of the gem and jewelry businesses ... [ more ... ]