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jade beach pebbles

New Zealand nephrite jade pebbles
set in a pure silver ring $NZ360
and have a surface texture from a stony beach.

Available in adjustable or fixed size setting.

jade pebbles come in many shapes

beach pebbles

Southland pebbles,
post-set (below) $NZ210
rivet-set (below) $NZ234
bezel-set (right and below) $NZ255
point-cut and claw-set (left) $NZ300

post-set $NZ210

rivet-set $NZ234

bezel-set $NZ255

'Gemstone Beach' near Riverton, Southland
was the source for these gemstone pebbles.

hand-cut pebbles

jasper pebble cut to a point-cut shape, 4-claw setting $NZ300




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