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Sales Policy


About Brian Adam

I'm a jewellery artist and designer and I hand-make spectacles and other eyewear and rings and earrings, plus I teach basic and advanced jewellery and eyewear-making 5-day workshops in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The eyewear frames I make I give an opus number. I retail them online here and at select jewellery and craft galleries in New Zealand, More about Brian Adam.

Internet Sales

Since purchasing online does not give you the opportunity to examine your merchandise before you purchase and receive it, I offer various compensations. I strive to back my products up with superb customer service. Here are the policies of Brian Adam Jewellery and Eyewear on customer service, 30 day returns, and exchanges.

Customer Service

I make artworks, and I take great care to accurately describe the features of each artwork item so that you can be comfortable with your buying decision. Should you have any questions - from placing your order, to tracking a package, to resolving a quality problem - contact me, Brian Adam. I commit to respond to your request within two business days. And if I have made a mistake, I'm committed to making it right!

30 day Returns for existing products.

Dated 16th June 2010, this supercedes previous policies.

Every EXISTING product shown on the website and that I sell from the website is backed by a full 'no questions asked' returns policy.
The full returns policy for website sales: I offer a full refund of the price of the product if you consider they don't suit you, or are ill-fitting, or are damaged or defective goods. All other sales are final.

Limited returns policy for Custom-made products.

Every product I sell that is a custom-made item or frame is covered by a limited returns policy. Custom-made eyeglass frames undergo a range of discussion with the customer about shape, size, material, and details that are important to such products. Typically, a design based on your ideas and a close-up head-shot photo is drawn up and a 2D Computer Aided Design is sent by attached JPEG or PDF file, and sometimes a sample of the eyeglass shape based on your requirements is sent by mail for checking. For local customers a personal meeting will be arranged and measurements taken, the CAD design presented for your approval, and upon payment of a non-refundable deposit (50% minimum) construction begins. Progress photos are taken and emailed. The completed frame is constructed based on all the discussions with you the customer.


Custom-made eyeglass frames made by me are covered by a limited returns policy: a full refund of the paid price of the eyeglasses if they vary more than 10% (estimated by me) from the agreed design, or for damaged or defective goods. All other sales are final.

Should a return be necessary, please note the following:

a) All returns must be shipped by international courier at your expense and within 30 days from receipt.

b) All returns must be in original condition, complete and in original packaging.

c) If the product returned is claimed as defective state clearly the defective parts. It will be inspected by me and if the product is not found to be defective, I will return them to you and charge any costs incurred and my shipping costs.

d) If the product is found to be defective upon inspection, I may elect to repair or replace the merchandise in lieu of a refund.


All items are made by hand by me, and are offered as long as supplies last. Brian Adam Jewellery and Eyewear cannot guarantee continued availability, nor be responsible if an item is unexpectedly out of stock. The dynamic nature of my artwork makes it impossible for me to replace or exchange merchandise. I do not reserve inventory for replacement or exchanges. However, I may offer such items again in the future as supplies permit.


I accept electronic payments by PayPal. You may make payments online and the money is available to me in about 3 to 4 days. Paypal charges me 3.9% commission (3.4% within NZ). I may ask a payment to cover this fee.

To make a payment, first open an international personal account with PayPal

Personal Cheque
Mail or Fed-X a cheque direct to me and I will ship the item when the payment is made (cheque has cleared).

Telegragh Transfer
Contact me for Telegragh Transfer instructions and my bank account information.

Credit card
I do NOT have credit card facilities.


Shipping from New Zealand

Fastest: via www.DHL.com (trackable courier door-to-door).
$US 80

Economical: Airmail parcel post.
Approx $US 30

Customs clearance fee: To record that the frame has left New Zealand. In the event of repairs in the future they would re-enter NZ without a 15% tax added.
Approx $US 30